Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Corporate Brand

Thanks to your support and cooperation, TKX commemorated the 90th annyversary of its foundation and the 40th anniversary of its establishment in 2012. On this occasion, in an effort to strive for further business growth, TKX has decided to renew its corporate logo for the purpose of further strengthening cohesiveness and enhancing name recognition.
TKX will continue to make unrelenting efforts to ensure its continuing success by drawing on the collective strength of all its employees.

Corporate Logo

Two crossing circular forms that form the letter “X” signify infinity, representing a resolute will to continue the untiring pursuit of evolution in technology.
TKX Orange, the corporate color, expresses “Sunlight, Energy and Futurity,” while TKX Green expresses “Environmental Conservation, Ecology and Growth Potential.” The letter “X” in a handwritten shape, which is designed to exude the unique warmth of handwriting, is used to express the idea that technology is supported by people.

Corporate Slogan

It symbolically expresses the TKX belief that technology has unlimited potential and that the continuous evolution in technology can only ensure the viability of TKX as a going concern.