Manufacturing Process of Grinding Wheels

TKX is in charge of all processes.

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    Raw materials and bonds, among others, are mixed at a specified ratio.

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    The materials thus mixed are put into a metal mold, compressed, and then molded in a press to the specified shape and size.

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    The materials are hardened by applying heat to the bond. The required temperature and time may vary, depending on the types of bond.

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    4、Finishing Process

    The baked grinding wheels are polished clean to the exact, specified size.

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    5、Quality Testing

    The size, hardness, balance, rotation, and strength, among other aspects, of a grinding wheel are tested to ensure that the grinding wheel satisfies all the specified performance requirements.

  • 6、Shipment

    Only those grinding wheels that have successfully passed a pre-delivery inspection are packed securely to avoid breaking during transportation and then shipped.