TKX’s Grinding Wheels

Proven Technology Honed Over the Years

Abrasive grains, bonds, and pores are the three elements that constitute a grinding wheel.

Based on our unique technologies and expertise that have been proven and honed over the years, we offer a wide range of products to meet varying customer needs relating to cutting, polishing, and non-woven fabric, among other things, by changing or adjusting the type of materials for abrasive grains, the type and mixing of bonds, and the making of pores to suit the materials to be cut.


Manufacture and Sales of a Variety of Grinding Wheels to Meet Varying Customer Needs

We manufacture and sell our original TKX Ring Buff (TRB) grinding wheels in which the grinding wheels are bonded to belts to achieve good polishing performance, foaming-type VFC grinding wheels that are suitable for polishing rubber and precious metals, and MF/NB grinding wheels that are used for polishing copper. We also manufacture and sell a variety of other grinding wheels, ranging from micro accuracy grinding wheels using three-dimensional measurements to one of the world’s largest vitrified bonded grinding wheels of two meters in diameter.

In addition, we manufacture and sell ceramic filters by taking advantage of the accuracy of pores, which are one element of a grinding wheel.